Manage your subscribers lists easily and efficiently!

eMill OptIn Service provides all the necessary tools to handle the management of professional mailing lists for your newsletters and your email marketing campaigns. It is completely free, so do not hesitate to find out more on this unique subscriber list management service and sign-up now!

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Three steps to see how eMill OptIn Service can help you to build easily and efficiently your mailing lists.

Tutorials & FAQs

Display FAQs, definitions and tutorials to learn everything on how to manage subscribers list.

The "double opt-in"

Most marketing experts advise to use this process to build efficient lists. Here is how it works!

eMill Emailing Software

The leading solution to manage professional emailing campaigns. A unique software to discover!

eMill OptIn Service product tour

Customized subscription
Creation of customized subscription forms

eMill OptIn Service lets you select among 13 preset questions and 5 custom ones which ones will be displayed in your sign-up form (answers can be optional or mandatory).

Then, enter the address of the web pages to display when a form is submitted, when a subscription is confirmed and when an unsubscription is requested (default web pages are available).

Automatic processing
Automatic processing of subscriptions & unsubscriptions requests

eMill OptIn Service records all subscription requests, sends an e-mail with a confirmation link to each new subscriber and updates your mailing list automatically.

eMill OptIn Service also provides you with an unsubscription link to copy & paste onto all the emails you send. Thus, the unsubscriptions requested using this link are handled automatically.

Professional tools
A professional set of tools is made available to make the management of subscribers lists easier and more efficient. eMill OptIn Service lets you:
  • Export your mailing list as an XML or Excel file.
  • Display statistics on subscriptions and unsubscriptions.
  • Subscribe to a personal RSS feed to be notified when a new subscriber is added to your lists.
  • Edit manually the subscribers profiles.